Working Papers


[2017-01]  Decarbonizing the shop-floor in lean environments: trade-offs and productivity results. By Sartal A, Rodriguez M & Vazquez XH


[2016-23] Family firm succesion. By Gimenez-Fernandez EL & Novo JA

[2016-22] Learning by doing, endogenous discounting and economic development. By Bouché S

[2016-21] Aspirations, environmental quality and optimal tax policy. By Bouché S

[2016-20] Optimal  fiscal policy when tastes are inherited and environmental quality matters. By Bouché S & De-Miguel C

[2016-19] General equilibrium with externalities and tradable licenses. By Herves-Beloso C & Moreno García E

[2016-18] A limit result on bargaining sets. By Herves-Estevez J & Moreno García E

[2016-17] Some equivalence results for a bargaining set in finite economies. By Herves-Estevez J & Moreno García E

[2016-16] Bargaining set with endogenous leaders: A convergence result. By Herves-Estevez J & Moreno García E

[2016-15] Efficiency and Endogenous Fertility. By Perez-Nievas M, Conde-Ruiz JI & Gimenez-Fernandez EL

[2016-14] On the effect of taxation in the online sports betting market. By Vidal-puga J.

[2016-13] One-way and two-way cost allocation in hub network problems. By Bergantiños G & Vidal-Puga J.

[2016-12] Consistency in PERT problems. By Bergantiños G, Valencia-Toledo A & Vidal-Puga J.

[2016-11] Cooperative and axiomatic approaches to the knapsack allocation problem. By Arribillaga RP & Bergantiños G.

[2016-10] On Societies Choosing Social Outcomes , and their Memberships : Strategy-proofness. By Bergantiños G, Masso J & Neme A.

[2016-09] On societies choosing social outcomes, and their memberships: internal stability and consistency. By Bergantiños G, Masso J & Neme A.

[2016-08] Individually rational rules for the division problem when the number of units to be allotted is endogenous. By Bergantiños G, Masso J & Neme A.

[2016-07] Minimum cost Steiner tree problems. By Bergantiños-Cid G, Lorenzo-Picado L, Lorenzo-Freire S & Vidal-Puga J

[2016-06] Harvesting Control Rules that deal with Scientific Uncertainty. By Da-Rocha JM, Garcia-Cutrin J & Gutierrez MJ.

[2016-05] Payments for environmental services: Coasian transactions or something else?. By Da-Rocha JM, Gutierrez MJ & Trelles-Gonzalez R.

[2016-04] Firing Costs , Misallocation , and Aggregate Productivity. By Da-Rocha JM, Mendes-Tavares M & Restuccia D.

[2016-03] Policy distortions and aggregate productivity with heterogeneous establishments. By Da-Rocha JM, Mendes-Tavares M & Restuccia D.

[2016-02] Segregation and Social Welfare. By Del-Rio C & Alonso-Villar O.

[2016-01] How to apply penalties to avoid delays in projects. By Bergantiños G & Lorenzo-Picado L.