Ecobas - Estratexias



    Collaboration between groups is the basis to provide ECOBAS with multidisciplinary proceedings and make it a more attractive partner when taking part in international projects, specially in the callings of the European Program Horizont 2020. This will allow to apply for more and better callings and, consequently, to obtain higher funding. In this sense, our working dynamics allow us to organize and coordinate teams with common or complementary work lines, which may become attractive partners for different consortiums.

    Moreover, these collaborations facilitate the production of more and better publications and communications, considerably improving the impact and number of citations. They also help to consolidate the corporate image as they allow joining an amount of human resources that would be very difficult to reach individually.


    ECOBAS carries out a competitive surveillance about the different R&D&i financing sources, either national or international. Furthermore, it assigns important resources to the diffusion of the Group research lines and strengths in different forums (infodays, brokerage events, assemblies...), as well as to the organization of congresses, symposiums and scientific seminars of international character.

    On the other side, following this line ECOBAS looks for the active participation in platforms and PPPs and the maximization of the interrelation with the economic agents of the Galician region and the Spanish government, such as clusters, business associations, chambers of commerce...


Communication is the key to promote the work and capacities of any organization and to open up boundaries, and it becomes a keystone for research organizations. Hence, ECOBAS works in a continouaus mammer in the development of a communication plan, supported on three basic foundations:

  • 1. Brand image: the achievement of an attractive and powerful image, capable of crossing boundaries is vital for our group.
  • 2. Marketing strategy: it is a crucial element to support the communication strategy.
  • 3. Training: the training of the researching staff about such a transversal topic as communication represents one of the challenges of ECOBAS; that’s why we organize courses and seminars about important topics for researches as the publication and dissemination of their results, the communication strategies and the improvement of the verbal and writing skills.