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Events of Interest

21-02-2018 Workshop: Knowledge Transfer. Bringing the results of R&D to society
The R&D Office of the University of Vigo organizes this meeting in the campus of Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra, with the aim of showing to the research community the different ways that exist to facilitate the effective transit of knowledge generated from the university towards society.
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22-02-2018 Seminar: Enrique Mandado (University of Vigo / University of the Basque Country)
Seminar given by Enrique Mandado, Retired Professor of Electronic Technology of the University of Vigo, and professor of the Master in Engineering of the Manufacturing Processes of the University of Vigo and of the Master in Advanced Electronics of the University of the Basque Country
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1-03-2018 Seminar: Yves Sprumont (Montreal University)
Seminar given by Yves Sprumont, from the Montreal University
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22-03-2018 Seminar: Itziar Lazkano (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Seminar given by Itziar Lazkano, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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13-04-2018 Seminar: Roberto Serrano (Brown University)
Seminar given by Roberto Serrano, from Brown University (USA)
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