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Events of Interest

20-06-2018 Interdisciplinary fisheries seminar: José Luis Santiago Castro-Rial (University of Vigo)
Seminar within the joint cycle of ECOBAS and Campus do Mar by José Luis Santiago Castro-Rial, from the University of Vigo
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21-06-2018 8th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics
Workshop organized by 'Economics for Energy', with the collaboration of ECOBAS, on June 21st-22nd, 2018
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21-06-2018 II CONGRESS RED LOCALIS. Present and future of municipal services: the optimal dimension
It will be held in Ourense on June 21st and 22nd, and is organized by the Red Localis and the GEN Group
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27-06-2018 Interdisciplinary fisheries seminar: Ixai Salvo (Centro Tecnológico del Mar - CETMAR)
Seminar within the joint cycle of ECOBAS and Campus do Mar by Ixai Salvo, from the 'Centro Tecnológico del Mar' (CETMAR)
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28-06-2018 Course: Structural modeling based on variances (PLS-SEM). Introduction and advances
The course, given by Prof. Joaquín Aldás (University of Valencia) on June 28 and 29, is organized by the Department of Business Organization and Marketing of the University of Vigo, with the collaboration of ECOBAS
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